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Don’t make your battery charging units an afterthought when investing in rechargeable batteries. Batteries and chargers go hand-in-glove like peas and carrots. Invest in the right battery charging unit.

It is no secret that good battery charging units make an excellent base for batteries that are long-lasting and perform at their peak.

Because users are usually unaware of how important a good power source is and that it could make a profound difference. It is important to investigate battery charging units at the start of a project and not at the, after all the hardware has been completed. This is especially important under adverse conditions.

When investing in the right battery charging unit you need to:

  • Invest in the right battery charging unit for the right battery, which will make a world of difference 
    • Because many chargers are able to service only one chemistry at a time, ensure that the voltage matches up with the charger.
  • Charging a larger battery will take a lot longer than a smaller package, with the same applying in reverse.
  • High wattage chargers will minimise the charging times and there are limitations as to how quickly batteries are charged
    • Bear in mind that extra-quick charging will cause undue stress to the battery.
  • Lead acid chargers should switch over to float charge when they are full.
  • Nickel-based chargers need to switch over to trickle charge when batteries are fully charged.
  • Li-ion will not be able to switch to trickle when full as they are unable to absorb any overcharging.
  • Bear in mind that lead acid batteries should stay lukewarm,
  • Nickel-based batteries will get warm to the touch only at the end of the charge.

Always be aware of the temperature of batteries when they are charging.

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