Our Wide Range of Inverters

We offer a wide selection of inverters South Africa can benefit from. Our range of inverters covers a large scope of applications. Choose your inverter from our comprehensive range with or without a battery charger.


What Type and Size Inverter Will I Need?

With so many options, sizes, and efficiencies, you need to ask yourself 6 key questions. These can help you determine the size inverter you need for a battery bank or home renewable energy system.

  • How can I ensure I have constant power when the grid power goes out?
  • Do I need battery backup power for daily electricity usage?
  • Is my electricity supply single or 3-phase electricity?
  • What is the size of my solar panel configuration?
  • What essential loads will my inverter power?
  • How much power will my entire load consume?

How Inverters Work

An inverter receives a DC charge direct current and converts it into AC power. Input and output voltage depend on specific devices and circuitry. Frequency and power handling also depend on your inverter’s overall design.

What Type and Size Inverter Will I Need?

How Long Do They Last?

Inverters for solar power vary. Your solar power inverter will not last as long as your solar panels. Its longevity depends on the make or model solar inverter and how it is used.

  • The components of solar inverters are more complex than solar panels. They are heat sensitive, which makes them more vulnerable.
  • The life expectancy of string inverters is usually between 10 to 15 years (also called central inverters). They are a popular choice for small solar installations.
  • Expect micro-inverters to last between 20 and 25 years.
  • Off-grid battery-based PV inverters have a much shorter lifespan of 10 years.
  • The quality produced by inverter manufacturers can influence how long the device lasts.

Which Inverters Are Best?

A good power inverter is convenient. It need not break the bank, yet cheapest is not always best. Always select an inverter to suit your requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all. 

Are you looking at commercial inverters or residential inverters? What battery storage do you need to keep functioning?

The question to ask is whether you should get backup power with more functionality? Should your inverter have a higher output? Find out more about inverters before you invest in one.

Are Inverters Worth it?

Grid inverters are worth it. The amount of value you get from it can depend on how much excess power you get out of your device. Getting between 8- and 10-hours’ power supply from inverter batteries is well worth it.

This is a feasible option with unstable power from the power grid in South Africa. Users might need to add solar solutions to charge inverter batteries or can consider a solar battery and inverter system, too.

Types of Inverters Available at Virtual Sense

Types of Inverters Available at Virtual Sense

Choose your inverter from the wide selection of Virtual Sense products. We supply excellent quality inverters to the South African market and the Southern African region. 

Get your Pure Wave Inverters and Pure Sine Wave Inverter systems from VSP today. Inverters we supply include the Pure Sinewave Cotek S and the SK range. Both are good quality products from Studer, Switzerland.

What Applications Are Inverters Used for?

  1. Solar power
  2. Camping and outdoor activities
  3. DC & AC power backup systems
  4. Portable testing centres and mobile laboratories
  5. Electricity production for military operations.

Find out everything today about how inverter systems can benefit you. Virtual Sense Power is here to help you on your journey to energy independence. Our customer care team and repair centre offer excellent service. Let our team of mobile service technicians help you solve all your inverter problems.

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