Facing Power Cuts?

Get backup power with an inverter from Virtual Sense Power (VSP)! We offer a wide range of inverters to keep your home or business running during outages.

Plug-and-Play (Micro) Inverter

Perfect for beginners! Simple setup for small solar systems.

Hybrid Inverter

The multi-tasker. Works with solar, grid, and batteries for ultimate flexibility.

Off Grid Inverter

Go solar-powered! Disconnects from the grid & relies on batteries for backup.

What is an Inverter?

What Is An Inverter?

Inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity used in your home or business - powering your appliances, lights, and electronics with clean, renewable energy.

Benefits of Inverters

Benefits Of Inverters

Backup power

Stay powered during grid outages.

Wide range of applications

Power your home, camping trips, and more!

Solar power compatibility

Use solar energy to charge your inverter batteries.

Improved Power Quality

Power your home, camping trips, and more!

Silent Operation

Power your home, camping trips, and more!

Environmentally Friendly

Power your home, camping trips, and more!


Virtual Sense Power: Your Reliable Backup Experience

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Our News

Our News

Solar Street Light

In the pursuit of sustainable and efficient urban lighting solutions, using a solar street light have emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering environmentally friendly illumination powered by the sun. These lights, integrated with photovoltaic panels, batteries, and LED technology, stand as a symbol of sustainable urban development, providing reliable lighting while minimizing carbon footprints .

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Virtual Sense Power supplies inverters, batteries and solar panels in the following areas - Helderberg, Somerset West, Stand and Gordons Bay

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VSP specializes in Lightning/Surge Protection and alternative power systems. The company offers state of the art technologies and services and is generally considered as a leader in its field. VSP is uniquely positioned in a country where 80% of electronic malfunctions arise from power surges.

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