Battery tripping units -Charger 60-amp

Battery Tripping Units are principally used in industrial areas and applications. This is usually where DC applications in substations and switch rooms are needed for safeguarding power distribution equipment against failure. Select a Battery Tripping Unit that is flexible and are customised to suit the unique demands and requirements. The unit will have to fit a variety of industrial presentations.

The advantages of world-class Units are numerous as they come complete with fully customised status, indicators, alarms and testing points. These units are dependable, robust and fortified and if preferred, remote monitoring could be an option. Select professionals to install these units; bear in mind that the key component of any switch tripping unit is state-of-the-art technology that is part and parcel of all applications.

How Battery Tripping Units work

If a fault is detected within the supply, a Battery Trip Unit is energised. In turn this will trip the system to cut off the supply to the industrial equipment prior to any failure taking place. It is essential for Battery Tripping Units to be installed properly right from the outset. Plus they need to be maintained thoroughly and on a regular basis. Successful operation of these units is a direct result of regular and careful maintenance. Numerous industries enjoy the benefits of Battery Tripping Units which will protect their equipment against faults. They will be guarded against equipment failure which could result in catastrophic costs to businesses and employees.

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