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Power Inverters
How Does Uninterruptible Power Supply Benefit Your Business?


From safeguarding electronics to avoiding the disruption caused by load shedding, here’s how uninterruptible power supply can benefit your business. Say goodbye to the woes of power outages and unstable connections. Get a UPS from Virtual Sense today!

What Are the Benefits of Using UPS Devices in South Africa?

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Solar & Other Alternative Power Solutions in South Africa

Discover alternative power solutions for the increasingly unstable power supply in South Africa and the exorbitant price hikes. We look at solar and other alternative energy sources in this alternative energy guide for South Africans.

What is Alternative Energy?

We refer to alternative energy as any energy not derived from fossil fuels.… Read the rest

How Surge Protectors Work & Why You Need Them
Surge Protection
How Surge Protectors Work & Why You Need Them

When the power goes it, surges in electricity can damage electronics like fridges, laptops, computers, air conditioners and TVs. Surge protectors can make all the difference, but what are they and how do they work? We answer all your questions here.

What is a Surge Protector?

When an abnormally large amount of power surges through the grid, it can cause permanent damage to connected equipment.… Read the rest

inverter systems
How Inverter Systems Work for Beginners

The Definition of an Inverter for Dummies

Inverter systems are devices that convert DC current into AC current. It converts direct current into alternative current through an inverter.

The inverter will then supply your house or building with alternating current.… Read the rest