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Choose your UPS backup power system from our wide range of UPS solutions. Ensure continuous power and safety of connected equipment during a power failure. 

An online UPS system is an uninterruptible power supply device. It allows you to continue using electronic devices in unstable voltage conditions or all-out blackouts. We use uninterruptible power supply devices for emergency power supply and to keep electronic equipment safe from unstable power from the utility.

Online UPS systems are a critical component of modern power management, designed to provide seamless protection against fluctuations in input voltage. Thus online UPS systems are designed to provide consistent and uninterrupted power to the load, ensuring seamless operation of critical equipment even during electrical disturbances. Unlike other types of UPS systems, such as offline and line-interactive, online UPS systems maintain a constant connection to a battery bank, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the load. They excel in delivering a pure sine wave output, guaranteeing clean and stable power to sensitive electronic equipment. This not only safeguards against abrupt power interruptions but also offers efficient power conditioning, ensuring that voltage irregularities and spikes do not affect the connected devices, making online UPS systems indispensable for businesses and organizations reliant on continuous and reliable power. 

What is an Online UPS?

There are two types of UPS available in the world today: online and line-interactive. Line-interactive devices are more affordable, while online devices are pricier initially but offer you more protection and benefits. Online UPS systems use double conversion to ensure complete stability, even in a power outage.

An online UPS differs from line-interactive UPS systems in the way it processes incoming power. The internal mechanism used to protect connected devices differs, too. With an online UPS, you get no transfer time when the device needs to switch from mains to backup power.

Why Get an Online UPS?

Your online uninterruptible power source offers solutions that are free of instabilities present in the lines of supply from the utility. They can help ensure critical applications continue to run and comply with the strictest tolerances required by critical loads. You never need to worry about a break in power again.

You can use them in the office or at home to avoid common power instability problems such as damage to expensive electronics and appliances. A single sudden surge in raw utility power from the mains can fry the electronics in your devices. But don’t worry, a UPS can help.

What is an Online UPS


How Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Work

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers quality of power for mission critical systems and sensitive electronic equipment. They deliver a constant supply of AC input and clean power with no damaging fluctuations.

They achieve this using double conversion technology that translates incoming utility power through to connected devices. Or, if the utility power has failed, it feeds power to the devices from the internal backup battery. Either way, you get a continuous power supply at the correct voltage.

Ensure near-instantaneous protection during unstable voltage conditions. This is your best option for reliable power. It will keep your sensitive equipment safe from outages.

What is Online Double Conversion Technology, and How Does It Work

What is Online Double Conversion Technology, and How Does It Work

A line-interactive UPS converts AC power coming from the mains and feeds it directly to your devices, passing it through an inverter. An Online Double Conversion UPS gives power to electrical equipment in a similar way but converts AC mains to DC via a rectifier.

The DC charges the battery. It then supplies the inverter, which converts the DC back to the AC mains again. We refer to this as double conversion. Double conversion offers a constant backup power source. This will ensure there are no interruptions in the electrical power during outages.

Your Online Double Battery Backup uninterruptible power supply has no moving parts. It comes complete with a battery to active power when the electric power goes down or during power anomalies.

Your UPS remains on. They isolate your load from the power grid and the frequency fluctuations. It keeps the power steady during voltage surges.

Should I Use an Online or Offline UPS?

You can choose between line-interactive UPS technology and an online UPS by considering the key difference: the transfer switch. A line-interactive UPS gives you a transfer time of just 8 milliseconds. In most cases, this slight interruption won’t be a problem.

But where critical systems and applications come into play, it is vital that there be no delay at all. In such cases, an online system is a better option. They are ideal for use in intensive care units, with medical equipment, and in induction motor drives.

If you are looking for an energy efficient option, the line-interactive system may be preferable since the online UPS inverter is always on.

 The Benefits of An Online UPS

  • No Switch Tech. There is no static switch necessary between the mains and battery back-up power. Whether there is voltage distortion or a power surge, the device protects connected equipment without a hitch.
  • No Time Delay. Because there is no need for the device to switch over, there is no interruption in the power supply during a power failure.
  • Output Voltage Stability. Electrical impulses are dangerous for electrical apparatus. The frequency variation could damage connected devices in the long-term. An online UPS avoids this damage with automatic voltage regulation.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership. Although they may cost more during the initial purchase, online UPS batteries tend to last longer and so have a lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Voltage Isolation. The system offers you isolation between the grid supply and your connected devices.
  • Less Distortion. With their always on capability, they offer you voltage supply that has no harmonic distortion.
  • Superior Voltage Regulation. It has a really good voltage regulator that is superior to other types of UPS.

Where to Get Your Online UPS System

Get the frequency regulation you deserve with no delay in power supply. We can help you find the right device that offers the level of protection you need (whether online or line-interactive units). Find out more about the wide range of UPS options we have on offer at Virtual Sense Power.

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