13 or more Solar panels for energy saving

Cost of electricity 

The cost of electricity is exponential. This means keeping our house, office space and geyser heated at all times could hugely impact our bills. In many instances energy saving solutions could prove to be a costly exercise. Energy is very often not affordable by the man-in-the-street. Energy saving is important, as every cent counts.

Moving to Solar and Energy saving

Perhaps one of the smartest solutions and most effective energy options is the use of solar energy. Heating up buildings and water requires a massive source of energy. This type of consumption is very expensive. By installing solar panels and solar thermal solutions for heating will assist in saving energy and reducing enormous electricity bills.

Solar thermal solutions

Using solar thermal heating solutions is a wonderful resolution to heating water and keeping the environment warm at an affordable cost. This system captures the heat from the rays of the sun and uses it for heating water. The solar panels that are placed on the roof absorb the heat and will heat up the solution panels; in return, the solutions will be pumped into the cylinder to heat the water. By incorporating solar thermal solutions you will be able to fill most of your hot water requirements. Furthermore, your energy bills will be reduced dramatically through the installation and use of solar and solar thermal solutions.

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