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Power backup for home - Net Zero Home Configuration
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Power Backup Solutions for Home: Ensuring Continuity in an Uncertain World


In the modern world, our homes are filled with electronic gadgets, appliances, and devices that have become indispensable to our daily lives. From refrigerators to computers and smartphones, we rely heavily on electricity to power these essentials. However, power outages are an unfortunate reality that can disrupt our routines and leave us without access to the comforts and necessities we often take for granted.… Read More

solar panel in rental properties
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Getting Solar in South Africa as a Renter

Are you looking to get off grid systems from solar companies, but aren’t sure how to get solar as a renter in South Africa? Below, we discuss the energy crisis, the need for solar in South Africa households, how to get the lowest price on solar and overcome the list of barriers you may face as a renter.

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Eskom Price Increase - Eskom Power Station on Horizon
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Can Alternative Power Rescue You from the 18.6% Eskom Price Increase?

South Africa has been facing a severe electricity crisis for years. With frequent power outages and with a constant Eskom price increase. The recent 18.6% tariff increase by Eskom, the country’s primary energy provider, has left many South Africans wondering.… Read More

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Alternative Backup Power Systems for Load Shedding

Install these affordable backup power systems in a changing landscape and beat load shedding with a budget.

Load shedding has become a common occurrence in South Africa, leaving many individuals and businesses searching for alternative backup power systems.… Read More

 How to Get Solar Without Breaking the Budget
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How to Get Affordable Solar Without Breaking the Budget

Is the cost of solar in South Africa stopping you from getting it as an affordable energy source? There are cheap options energy users can get started with today. Here’s how to get affordable solar energy systems in South Africa.

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