Solar Power & Solar Panels


South Africans are facing power challenges as the grid becomes unreliable. Are you considering solar power systems as a solution? Explore our range and your options below. 

You can reduce your utility bills substantially with a grid tied solar system. Off-grid systems are the best solution where there is no Eskom power available. Hybrid solutions are an energy mix of electricity grid and off-grid options. We cater for solar power South Africa.

How Solar Power Works

PV Models convert sunlight into electricity for home or business use. Solar power converts clean power from the sun into electricity using photovoltaics (PV). The sun converts energy into renewable power using concentrated solar power. It could also be a combination of both.

Concentrated solar energy systems use lenses or mirrors and solar tracking systems to convert the power of the sun into energy. They convert these by concentrating on sizeable areas of sunlight. They then change it into a small beam.

Photovoltaic cells transform light into an electric current. We refer to this as the photovoltaic effect.

Can Solar Power My Entire House?

If you are considering installing solar power South Africa is the right place for it. Why? We have many hours of sunshine throughout the year.

Many South African households are choosing solar solutions as an alternative electrical energy source. Residential solutions you could use depend on a couple of variables. The output levels and amount of solar your home needs, for example.


How to Work Out the Cost of Cleaner Power

Is this alternative energy solution affordable energy? It all depends on your business and home. The number of solar panels you may need is unique to your individual needs.

Start by finding out what power capacity is right for your needs to cost going solar accurately. This can help you determine the battery capacity you will need, and the size of the solar power system. Solar power financing is also sometimes on offer from solar providers.

Smart consumers calculate how much electricity they use. This formula applies regardless of the South African household size. This rule can apply to all households, whether low-income households or middle-income households.

Why is Using Solar Technology Good?

How Solar Power Works

The sun is an abundant energy source. We belong to the renewable energy generation and can make a difference. Solar energy is good for our environment. We have been a coal-based energy economy for far too long. 

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not produce any carbon emissions. This is an important factor and makes it far more environmentally friendly than traditional energy sources. Examples of large amounts of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere include Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, and methane gases.

Will Going Solar Save Me Money?

Solar panels are not only good for the environment. You can also save over the lifetime of your solar system. Large amount of money has been invested into solar power South Africa.

Costs can add up with inverters, panels, battery storage and generators. These provide a comprehensive independent solution from the grid. The good news is you can save on your monthly bill with a simple solar installation.

The more solar panels, the more your energy will be catered to by solar generation. You can add batteries for night time savings and as your budget permits. Overall, this can lead to payback for your long-term solar investment. 


Is solar worth it in the current economic climate?

Like all major investments, solar systems are worthwhile. As energy costs from the utility soar, the decision to go solar is becoming an easier one in the current economy.

Solar Available at Virtual Sense

As experts in the renewable energy market, we can help you set up the ideal solar system for your needs. Solar power and solar panels are available in a wide range of sizes and with various power ratings. If you install solar panels in South Africa, you are able to claim a rebate of 25% of the cost of the panels, up to a maximum of R15000.

Virtual Sense supplies all the components of a solar system to help improve your energy strategy. These include solar inverters, solar panels, and solar batteries. We also install and maintain all solar components in the African market for your convenience.


Do you need to know more about solar and its benefits? Are you tired of load shedding, blackouts, and brown outs? If you want an alternative power solution to the power grid, speak to us. Virtual Sense can get you hooked up to solar electricity.




    Virtual Sense Power supplies inverters, batteries and solar panels in the following areas - Helderberg, Somerset West, Stand and Gordons Bay

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