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Should I Get a Solar Battery for Power During Loadshedding
Should I Get a Solar Battery for Power During Loadshedding?

Need power during loadshedding so you can work, cook, or watch tv? Solar power may be the answer. Here are the pros and cons of using a solar battery for power during loadshedding in South Africa.

Are Solar Batteries Good for Loadshedding?

Yes, solar batteries can form part of an excellent solution for keeping the lights on when Eskom fails us.… Read the rest

What Are the Advantages and Uses of a Solar Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries are designed to give you stable power output for an extended time. Here’s how to make the most of this amazing battery in South Africa.

What is a deep cycle battery?

“Deep cycle” is not necessarily a single battery type, but rather a term used to describe various batteries that can undergo frequent full charges and a subsequent deep discharge.… Read the rest

The Need for Solar Batteries

If you believe in all things green or have decided to go off the grid due to convenience, care and cost – whichever way you view the situation you are going to need a little knowledge on how solar batteries will work for you and your solar system.

Many home owners that are planning on installing a solar panel system don’t usually concern themselves with the many choices of solar batteries that are available.… Read the rest

PHD Powerhouse – The Myriad Uses of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Batteries, or Lithium Ion Batteries, are used in a wide range of applications. In a high-tech world where technology has far-reaching uses from across the board, these batteries have made great inroads.

Lithium ion batteries are found in many devices such as laptops, cell phones, PDA’s and iPods. Because these batteries are some of the most robust rechargeable batteries, they are commonly used in countless devices.… Read the rest