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Virtual Sense Power offers tailored power solutions for a wide range of power requirements. We supply a wide range of uninterruptible and power backup solutions for home and businesses in South Africa.

Our world-class products are here to help you keep the lights on during a power outage. They also help protect your sensitive equipment from an unstable grid power.



Virtual Sense Implementation Process

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Assessment Scoping, Load Calculations

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Inverter and Battery Selection, Switchgear Selection

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Installation, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance


The inverter company partnered with a leading power station to optimize energy conversion, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the station's renewable energy output.

VirtualSense Power is a leading solar power company at the forefront of renewable energy solutions. With a focus on sustainability and reliability, they offer cutting-edge solar systems equipped with high battery capacity, using fully sealed gel batteries. This innovative technology ensures uninterrupted power supply, even during unplanned power failures. VirtualSense Power is dedicated to empowering homes and businesses with clean and dependable energy solutions, making them a key player in the transition to a greener and more resilient future.


Backup Power Solutions in South Africa 

We have designed our backup power systems for long power failures in South Africa. Our solutions provide power through challenging load shedding periods. Our service offering includes protection of sensitive equipment against unstable power and spikes.

Let our comprehensive range of power solutions assist with inrush currents. Our 100% automatic backup power will tackle all power anomalies. We achieve this with continuous output power. All our backup battery systems are silent, and there are no fumes emitted from diesel or petrol. 

How Load Shedding Affects Your Home & Business

We are uniquely positioned at VSP. We can supply businesses in South Africa with back-up power solutions. Let our reliable power systems give you quiet, fume-free solutions during a power failure.

Did you know that in South Africa, power surges cause 80% of electronic malfunctions? Unstable critical power systems damage your sensitive electronic equipment. Even when you are unaware, this is happening.

Some examples of businesses we supply include:

  • The Mining Industry
  • Office automation
  • Server Farms
  • Call Centre's
  • Service Stations
  • Food Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Production Facilities
  • Residential

Large Scale Battery Charging

In modern uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, charging the batteries is a crucial aspect of ensuring uninterrupted power. Fortunately, the process is fully automatic, requiring minimal user intervention.

As your connected devices draw power from the UPS, it's important to note that the charging process is dynamic and adapts proportion to the load drawn. This means that when the load is light, the UPS prioritizes charging the batteries to keep them at optimal levels. As the load increases, the UPS seamlessly shifts its focus to providing power to your equipment. One can remove some of the connected batteries to make the load smaller, but that is only if so required.

Some UPS systems require specific types of batteries, and gel batteries are a popular choice due to their reliability and durability. These gel batteries are designed to handle the frequent charging and discharging cycles inherent to UPS operation.

In cases where extended backup times are needed, especially for critical applications, you can opt for extra large gel batteries. These batteries ensure that your UPS system can provide power for an extended duration, offering peace of mind during prolonged outages.

Charging the batteries process in UPS systems, particularly those designed for heavy-duty applications, is intelligent and fully automated. It ensures that your critical equipment remains powered while keeping the batteries ready to step in whenever needed. This reliability is further enhanced by the use of dependable gel batteries, including larger options for extended backup times.

Virtual Sense Power are experts in managing industrial and military level battery banks and UPS systems.

Power Solutions

VSP has tailored made solutions for all industries.

Rapid Response

Virtual Sense has the ability to respond quickly

Awesome Products

Other Products Include: Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Long Run .

5-Star Support

Our team is experienced in installing and configuring small, .

High Customizibility

We can re-arrange the products that you have in .

National Reach

We install products and services nationwide.


We Offer Complete Power Solutions

We tailor all our solutions to the connected load of all industries. Our team of service experts offers you the customer service you deserve.

  • Our continuous output power solutions include a broad selection of UPS power supplies. It also includes long-run solutions.
  • We seamlessly integrate our devices into the products and systems you already have. 
  • No electrical installation is too big or too small for us to tackle.
  • Our products suit townhouse developments, farms, guest houses, and private homes. They offer perfect back-up time to small businesses. These also include restaurants and retail outlets, among others.
  • A battery backup system, such as Uninterruptible Power Supply, is critical for servers and computers. 



Reuben Reingold
Reuben Reingold
Highly experienced and reliable company
Maria van der Linde
Maria van der Linde
Best service and very knowledgeable. People who know and understand power. Excellent aftersales Service!
The Watcher
The Watcher
Fast and efficient support. Best prices by far. Will always refer anyone to them. Keep up the great work guys.



Why Choose Us for Your Reliable Power Solutions?

Virtual Sense Power engineers co-effective solutions and layouts. We implement complete UPS installations in both large and small applications.

  1. We offer our products and services nationwide. These include stand-alone inverters, and home standby inverters. They also include surge protection from the electrical grid.
  2. Virtual Sense Power gives clients 100% of service satisfaction. Our rapid response service includes an after-hours response.
  3. We provide maintenance and support on most UPS makes and models.
  4. Our wide range of reliable power solutions adhere to the highest standards of compliance.
  5. Part of the service we offer includes reporting and analysis of all our products. This enables clients to analyse their power consumption. It also highlights any faults within the power system.
  6. Virtual Sense Power ensures your critical backup is a reliable and carefree experience.

Our Range of Products

Our wide range of systems and products comprise modified sine-wave or sine-wave inverter. We equip them with a battery charger and automatic changeover switch. They also have a large battery bank. Products we stock include:

Get Backup & Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions from Virtual Sense Power

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about backup systems and UPS systems from VPS today.

Our reliable power systems won't let you down. We supply complete solutions that won't leave you in the dark. Find an effective resolution to South Africa's power situation for your business. We offer power integrations for businesses of all sizes.


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Virtual Sense Power supplies inverters, batteries and solar panels in the following areas - Helderberg, Somerset West, Stand and Gordons Bay

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VSP specializes in Lightning/Surge Protection and alternative power systems. The company offers state of the art technologies and services and is generally considered as a leader in its field. VSP is uniquely positioned in a country where 80% of electronic malfunctions arise from power surges.

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