Voltage Stabilisers – Automatic Voltage Regulator

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Choose a VSP voltage stabiliser South Africa and enjoy an effective form of protection against voltage fluctuation issues. Unstable voltage conditions can often cause damage to your electronics.

What Are Voltage Stabilisers?

Voltage stabilisers are electronic devices that correct unstable AC voltage in the electrical supply from the grid. Excellent voltage regulation will stabilise current supplied to your electronic equipment. 

Why Do We Need Voltage Stabilisers?

Voltage surges from the utility cause damage to electronics, even when we are unaware of them. Electronic equipment forms part of our daily lives, both inside and outside the work environment. We can expect voltage swings in unstable power environmental conditions.

You can protect your devices from common utility voltage problems with a device that provides a constant voltage level.

AC voltage stabilisers are becoming increasingly essential where constant voltage supply is needed. Use your stabiliser in an industrial application or for other equipment. Choose from a wide range to protect your electronic devices.

Keeping input voltage constant and avoiding fluctuations is important for the longevity of your electronic appliances and devices. Don't let a voltage dip destroy your sensitive electronics. Your voltage stabiliser will provide a stable range of input voltage.


What Do Voltage Stabilisers Do?

Voltage stabilisers correct AC voltage. This is the primary voltage we get from Eskom. A voltage regulator gives your equipment a continuous voltage supply from the electrical mains to your equipment.

AC voltage stabilisers protect equipment from voltage surges. Most pieces of electrical equipment need a constant voltage supply of 400V to ensure they keep working well. Higher voltages and power rushes may not cause a failure, but it will shorten the lifespan of any electrical appliance.

The function of a voltage stabilizer is to get your electrical equipment to perform at its optimum. As power demand increases, it ensures there is no overload or spikes in the system. 

What Do Voltage Stabilisers Do

How Do Voltage Stabilisers Work?

  1. Stabilisers work on the principle of a variable transformer.
  2. They connect input current to the primary winding.
  3. Secondary windings receive the output current.
  4. When the incoming voltage drops, it activates electromagnetic relays. They add electromagnetic relays to ensure more turns in the secondary winding.
  5. This results in higher voltage, which compensates for loss in output voltage.
  6. With inrush currents, the reverse occurs. The voltage at the output side remains constant and unchanged.

We are often unaware of power fluctuations from the grid. The mains supply can vary. These variations are normally not severe enough to shut down your equipment.

You may not be currently experiencing the negative effects of voltage current variations. This does not mean they don't exist and don't cause harm. Do you have the correct voltage regulator to protect your equipment?


What Types of Voltage Stabilizers Can I Get from Virtual Sense?

Common voltage stabilisers include manual-operated devices, static stabilisers, and servo-controlled stabilisers. Other popular choices include switchable stabilisers, automatic relay-type stabilisers, and solid-state stabilisers.

Most stabilisers have extra features. These could include input and output voltage cut-off features. Many have high voltage and overload cut-off features. Others have output start and stop facilities.

Find out which ones you need for your application. What are you looking for in a stabiliser? Is it a one with a manual start or an automatic start? At VSP, we stock a wide range of stabilisers with a variety of features. 


Would you like to keep your voltage condition in peak working order? Choose your automatic voltage stabiliser from our wide range of power solutions at Virtual Sense Power. Your mains voltage stabilisers do more than control the current. Excellent voltage regulation will keep your electronics healthy for much longer.




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