AboutVirtual Sense Power supplies businesses and households with surge and lightning protection systems. We also supply alternative power solutions and offer a wide range of renewable energy technologies. Our high-tech solutions and services hold the #1 spot.

We supply alternative power to South Africa and beyond. This makes us a leader in alternative energy solutions. South Africa is a country where electronic malfunctions result from unstable grid power. We are well-positioned to supply South Africans with a range of alternative power solutions and alternative energy sources.


Who Are We?

Virtual Sense Power is a proudly compliant alternative energy supplier. We take care of all your power needs during power outages. We tackle everything from DB board layouts to installing complete power systems.

VSP will help you tailor alternative power sources for your individual requirements. Our flexible solutions offer power requirements. These are for small businesses and electrical supply to power private homes.

Our Power Solutions Include Outstanding Products

Other Products include Uninterruptible Power Supplies and long-run deep cell batteries. Other alternative power options we supply include back-up power solutions. These are for mines and manufacturing plants.

We offer a complete range of solar power and solar photovoltaic panels for solar energy. These are for businesses and individuals seeking renewable energy sources.

South Africans across the board are finding smart ways for alternative energy sources. Investing in alternative sources of power is the only option.

Our Power Solutions Include Outstanding Products

We Offer a Rapid Response on All VSP Products

VSP has been helping South Africans from all walks of life. This is to find alternative energy options. We also provide businesses and homes with a rapid response and comprehensive service. We offer a complete resolution. This is for power conditioning problems, such as load shedding and voltage instabilities. 

We have been providing businesses and homes in South Africa with grid solutions. Virtual Sense Power helps you find an alternative source of energy. This is during load shedding, blackouts, and bouts of unstable power.


You Get 5 Star Support

We boast about a full team of professionals. We have trained them to service our complete range of VSP power-conditioning products. We pride ourselves on being the #1 alternative energy provider for Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Virtual Sense Power’s History

Our technical advisor and technical consultant proudly have 15-years’ experience under their belts. VSP has been offering alternative energy options for many years. These promise to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. 

  1. We are a proudly accredited service agent for Tower Electronics.
  2. We boast many years’ experience. This includes offering a full service and repairs for all UPS devices and products.
  3. We configure and include resolutions for clean energy solutions. Alternative energy sources are gaining momentum throughout the continent of Africa.
  4. The idea is to find renewable energy sources, instead of using non-renewable energy as the primary source of energy. VSP products do not emit any greenhouse gases.
  5. VSP has identified power problems, offering solutions to these and more for over 15 years.

Virtual Sense Power’s History

Our Company Structure

Mario Pires is the founding member of PHD Powerhouse. With over 25 years’ experience, he was also one of the founding members of MLA Power Systems (Pty) Ltd. The company became the leader of UPS technology and supply in South Africa.

PHD Powerhouse has a footprint in Europe. It is one of the leading suppliers of lightning surge protection devices in Portugal. Today, it is the leader in manufacturing lightning surge protectors in Johannesburg, South Africa.

PHD is ISO9002 compliant, and all products are CE certified.

VSP is the sole accredited agent in Cape Town of Power House Distribution. Virtual Sense Power, together with PHD, guarantees all equipment and parts are of superior quality, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values at Virtual Sense Power

We have been providing South African businesses and homes with alternative energy sources and helping them to find grid solutions for over 15 years. Virtual Sense Power helps you find a renewable energy source or alternative energy technology to help you keep the lights on during load shedding and unstable power.

We are a customer-centric company and pride ourselves on offering excellent service and support for all our products.

What Makes Virtual Sense Power Different?

We offer complete solutions. These include layouts and a comprehensive service. If you want to use solar power or need alternative energy solutions, we can help you. We can help set up, plan, install, and maintain solar systems or other forms of alternative energy.

Are You Looking for Power Solutions in South Africa?

Our solutions are a far cry from traditional sources of power. We live and work in a country where electricity costs keep soaring, and where the power is unstable. VSP is showing South Africans how to navigate their way around electrical energy challenges. Let us help you find a cost-effective power solution today!


Virtual Sense Power supplies inverters, batteries and solar panels in the following areas - Helderberg, Somerset West, Stand and Gordons Bay

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VSP specializes in Lightning/Surge Protection and alternative power systems. The company offers state of the art technologies and services and is generally considered as a leader in its field. VSP is uniquely positioned in a country where 80% of electronic malfunctions arise from power surges.

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