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Are you ready for energy independence from the power grid? Has cutting back on energy consumption just not made the cut?

If you have the budget to install a green energy system, you can save even more. The bonus is you will do your part to saving the environment. Plus, you will save on your electricity bills.

How Best to Identify Green Energy for Your Home

Selecting the right renewable energy sources for your home is a big decision. Becoming energy efficient is an extensive project. Some will work, and others will not. Extended power cuts in South Africa will make you carefully consider the right options.

Identifying what works and what does not is the first step in selecting green energy systems. If you are ready for clean energy, it might surprise you that there is such a wide range of systems available. Consider the average cost of each option and how they compare with your current utility bills, installation, adjustments with utility companies, maintenance costs and processes, carbon emissions, how much extra power you need, and how much direct sunlight you get.

Apply These 6 Clever Steps for Going Green

Have you done your homework? Do you know what’s allowed when you decide to go the solar route? Did you know you can actually get a tax rebate for your business when installing solar?

If you run your business from home, then this might be worth your while investigating. Look for incentives and tax breaks when you install a solar system. Have a look at this incentive for installing solar for your business. It might be worth your while.

1. Solar Energy

Take Advantage of the Many Sunshine Days We Enjoy in South Africa

Nothing is free in life. Or is it? Sunshine is free. That’s right. And what better way than to take full advantage of the many sunshine days we enjoy in SA? Get excess power free from the sun with solar energy. Overcome the extended power cuts in South Africa.

All you need to capture free sunrays is a solar panel or two. Get in the action and take advantage of the sunshine South Africans so readily enjoy. Only use professional installers for the best results.

You need to use the energy stored in solar panels immediately, unless you also install a solar battery bank to store excess power collected by your panels. When you use more power than your solar panels provide, the energy balances out. 

When you generate excess solar power, you can sell it back to Eskom! This will help you save on escalating electricity prices. Find out how to sell excess electricity back to Eskom today and reap the benefits!

Rechargeable batteries to store energy is another viable option. Your solar battery will produce the power you need when it gets dark. Or when the power goes out.

2. Wind Energy

Did you Know You Can Get Wind Turbines for Residential Power?

The massive wind turbines we see on wind farms are a far cry from the residential adaptation. Wind turbines as compact as a DSTV dish can give you plenty of hours of electricity. This is a cost-effective renewable source. Turbines will also save you plenty on your electricity bills.

You need a professional to install wind turbines for the best results. Remember, wind power needs plenty of wind for the best results. In sunny climates, solar is a better option, unless your area is particularly windy (for example, a coastal home in Cape Town),

Extended power cuts in South Africa - Sketch of Wind Turbines and Solar power with Light Bulb

3. Solar & Wind Combined

Why Are Hybrid Systems with Wind & Solar so Smart?

Do you enjoy both sunny and windy days where you live? A solar powered home is a great option. Add a residential wind turbine to your green energy solutions. This will give you more independence from the electricity grid.

With the addition of a backup battery, you could disconnect almost entirely from the electricity grid. Take full advantage of the many hours of sunlight, but also of windy conditions. This helps generate continuous output power.

4. Solar Geysers and Water Heaters

How Can Solar Water Heaters Help Me Go Green?

Other alternative energy systems include solar water heaters. Are you keen on saving even more on energy costs, but find solar too expensive?

Solar water heaters could be the green solution you seek. We install solar heaters on the roof. It does the job of capturing the sun adequately.

5. Hydro Power

How do Micro-Hydropower Systems Work? Do They Save Energy? 

Property owners with running water on their property could take advantage. Diverting water through a turbine and using the flow to generate free power is a huge money saver.

In most instances, a micro-hydropower system is more cost-effective than hybrid systems. The reasons are that the ongoing flow of running water is more reliable than wind and sun power.

6. Geothermal Heating

What Are Geothermal Heat Pumps? What do They Do?

Use the heat under the earth’s surface to save on high energy bills. During cold winter months, geothermal heat pumps channel pipe systems into your home. It then reverses the action, pumping fluids back underground.

You can use a heat exchanger in your home for warmth. Geothermal heat pumps reduce electricity generation and save us on energy bills. This is one of the least known renewable energy systems you can consider using in your home.

Virtual Sense is Here to Help You Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Renewable energy is a clever way to reduce energy bills. Apply the above 6 renewable energy options and lessen the burden on the environment. Choose from a wide range of options to bring it home, generating your own energy. These are some of the smart ways to power your home with green energy.

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