12V Lead Acid Battery


Lead acid batteries were invented by French physicist Gaston Planté, and have been around since 1859. These are the oldest kind of rechargeable battery. They offer a very low ratio of energy-to weight ratio as well as a low energy-to-volume ratio. These batteries are able to supply high currents which results in cells having a relatively large power-to weight ratio. This type of battery have changed very little over the years. Although there have been certain upgrades and improvements in the way they are manufactured. Advancements continue to improve in energy density as well as the life of batteries and dependability.

How they are made

All these batteries have flat lead plates that are submerged in a pool of electrolytes. A regular addition of water is needed for most of these batteries. In today’s modern world these batteries are basically low-maintenance which are manufactured with excess electrolyte calculations to make up for any water loss during the life of the battery.

Charging Lead Acid Batteries

Perhaps the most important aspect of these batteries lies in the recharging of these batteries. A converter/charger with single output voltage will certainly not charge the battery correctly. Correct and proper charging as well as the correct maintenance of these batteries requires intelligent charging system. This will take care of any battery issues and reduce the maintenance.

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