How to Get Solar Without Breaking the Budget
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Is the cost of solar in South Africa stopping you from getting it as an affordable energy source? There are cheap options energy users can get started with today. Here’s how to get affordable solar energy systems in South Africa.

How to Install Solar for Your Home Without Paying Top Dollar

As load shedding increases and solar energy systems become more vital, it is time to find affordable ways to get access to energy. To get affordable Solar Panels is possible, if you look at the pricing at VSP. We recommend how you can gain extra energy or a backup system and also save money with these hacks:

1. Solar Tax Rebates

Keep an eye out for the Inflation Reduction Act in 2023. This can save you money on your solar energy upgrade. Solar tax credits of up to 30% help to boost solar installations.

2. Consider Other Solar Solutions

Not able to afford solar for your roof top yet? There are ways to start cheaper options right away. Although solar energy solutions using solar rooftop panels are first prize, there are other ways to satisfy your electricity demand during load shedding.

3. Choose new ways of looking at using renewable energy options.

  • Do your homework by sourcing attractive financing options. These could make a difference to the cost of installing solar.
  • Find out where to get solar panels that will save you in the long-term.

Get Affordable Solar - Sun heat energy

How to Find the Right Energy Fit if You Cannot Afford a Full Solar System

There are many clever ways to keep the lights on and save on your electricity bills. Solar systems are wonderful for those that can afford them. If you need backup electricity but can’t afford a full solar system, here are some clever ideas you can start with.

5 Ways to Get Affordable Solar Electrical Power without Overspending

1. Backup Lights

Get solar lights for your home. They are inexpensive, and easy to install. Solar lights are especially great for the garden, where there is no need to plug them into a solar panel.

Begin your solar energy journey by placing solar lights along your outside walls. Place lights along strategic spots like your driveway. These are especially useful during load shedding. Ensure you place the solar panels strategically to catch the rays.

For a few Rands, you can regulate a solar light on your patio with a remote-control device. Many solar light solutions include motion sensor options. They are cheap and a great option for security.

2. Solar Power Banks

Don’t get caught without enough power for your laptop or phone. A smart little device like a solar power bank will help you power up your devices. You can do this from almost anywhere the sun shines. This way, you won’t have to find a wall plug to recharge your electronic devices.

Take note that solar power charges electrical devices a lot slower than electricity. Charge your solar power bank in strong sunlight for charging your devices at night. 

Handy tip: Invest in solar chargers that self-charge batteries. They can do this while charging your electronic devices. Ensure you don’t overload the solar charger. Make sure your power bank never overcharges your electronic devices. This will protect them from getting damaged.

3. Solar Generators

Start out by powering your small electrical solar appliances in the home. You can run minor items without using power from Eskom.

Discover where you can power out using solar generators. These will keep your electrical appliances running for a few hours. Battery and solar panels to charge small appliances are available. You can get these for a nominal amount.

4. Solar Heaters

Save money by heating water using solar heaters. There is no need to break the bank when buying these mini solar water heater kits. You can get yours from around R1,799. Before you know it, your solar heating system will pay for itself.

Although solar heaters are pricey, many options can save you money. Investigate tax credit options when selecting your water heater of choice.

There are 3 different solar water heaters. All capture the rays from the sun. The power from the sun warms the water.

We usually find solar systems on the roof of a structure. This is to capture the maximum heat from the sun. We store excess energy from the sun in your solar system. 

– Integrated Storage Systems

We call integrated solar collector storage systems batch collectors. These are the original solar water heater systems. They collect solar heat using black tubes and tanks to garner solar heat. We still favour these, as they need little sunshine to heat water. They are straightforward to install. 

– Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater

Flat-plate Collector Water Heaters have plates that collect solar heat. They then transfer the heat to the copper tubes that heat the water. The water inside these tubes then heats up. These are not as reliable as the other solar water heater options.

– Evacuated Tube Solar Heater Collectors

These are the most efficient solar water heater. They comprise metal and glass tubes. They heat water efficiently even when the outdoor temperature drops considerably.

5. Modular Backup Systems

Instead of purchasing a full solar solution, you can buy it bit by bit, as you can afford. There are solar inverter and battery combination products available that cost a fraction of the price of a full solar system. You can easily purchase these smaller solutions to provide backup power during load shedding. Couple it with one or two solar panels to get started.

There is No Need to Break the Bank When Getting Solar from Virtual Sense

Did you know you can start small with just one solar panel at a time? You can build your solar system one panel at a time. Contact one of our experts to get affordable solar panels at Virtual Sense. We can guide you how to choose the right solar design and on budget.

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