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From safeguarding electronics to avoiding the disruption caused by load shedding, here’s how uninterruptible power supply can benefit your business. Say goodbye to the woes of power outages and unstable connections. Get a UPS from Virtual Sense today!

What Are the Benefits of Using UPS Devices in South Africa?

South Africa’s power challenges affect everyone. Businesses, in particular, are experiencing difficulties with power outages and damage to sensitive equipment. We need protection against power failure and power loss.

The best way to run a business is to have emergency power options. Installing a UPS for all IT systems, workstations, and other electrical components is essential. Continuous power is key to keeping the doors of a business open.

4 Ways Uninterruptible Power Supply Benefits Your Business

We need to make new plans besides using utility power. Business operations and business continuity are possible. Even during unstable power conditions. Backup power and essential power protection are no longer a luxury. Virtual Sense offers many options with finding an alternative power source. Backup power supplies will help with an unstable power grid.

1. Keep Going Without Interruptions

Incoming power interruptions won’t affect your business. Say goodbye to unstable power conditions with a UPS. Your UPS device will kick in the moment the power goes out. You have time to save your work and to shut down any systems safely.

You will also have enough time to bridge any gaps between the power going out and your backup generator. Every business owner needs enough transfer time to keep the lights on and the doors open.

2. Protect Sensitive Equipment

Power spikes cause damage to critical equipment and electrical equipment. Protect all your electrical devices from harmonic distortion and other electrical instability on the grid with the built-in surge protection in a UPS device.

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply stabilises voltage. They achieve this through stable battery power output. Incoming utility power, whether stable or not, doesn’t affect electrical devices that are plugged into your UPS.

3. Save Money

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply saves your business money. Here are 3 ways your business saves money:

  1. Allows a graceful shutdown so that you do not need to pay for the repercussions of losing expensive data when the power goes out.
  2. Prevents replacing damaged sensitive electronic devices with an uninterrupted power flow to protect business critical devices from electrical instability.
  3. Reliable connectivity allows business continuity. No interruptions in productivity with a powerful backup power source mean you can keep making money.

4. Protection Against Voltage Surges

UPS systems ensure a seamless switch from grid power to backup power. Critical systems need reliable protection from an unstable electrical supply. Connected equipment may need continuous power in critical applications such as hospitals.

The UPS switch power sources automatically. This prevents spikes and surges reaching your electronic device. Once the threat has passed, the UPS reconnects to the power utility.

This reduces the need to replace important equipment and allows for the continuous power necessary in some critical situations.

The Benefits of a UPS System Outweigh the Initial Outlay of Cost

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems vary according to needs and features. Examples of critical services that may need high control functionality include hospitals, data centres, and emergency medical services. Losses in these areas can cost a life or add up to tens of thousands of rand.

  • UPS systems soon pay dividends by protecting essential systems. Other than a small, basic UPS system, you will need a professional to ensure the system suits the application. Our team of professionals at Virtual Sense Power will assist.
  • Ensure you install your UPS system in a dust-free, cool, and dry place. Rugged solutions are available for less protected applications, such as industrial applications or transportation applications.
  • Batteries last for a limited period. Expect your battery to last anything from 5 to 10 years. Dispose of batteries in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.
  • Your UPS system draws power. This is important for continued operation. Many business owners are at first surprised to see an initial spike in power use. 

What Industries Benefit from UPS Systems?

Almost anyone can benefit from high class power protection and the stability that UPS offer. They can be a backup power source, offer reliable connectivity, and allow the safe shutdown of business-critical machinery. It can even protect from lightning strikes! 

Here are a few of the types of businesses that would benefit most from UPS systems:

  • Factory production lines
  • Hospitals and medical services
  • Manufacturers of electronic equipment
  • Data centres & farms 
  • Banks & financial service providers
  • Tertiary facilities, schools, and universities
  • Telecommunication and cable companies
  • Businesses with office premises and sensitive electronic equipment

These are a handful of examples of businesses benefitting from UPS systems. The variety of business operations benefitting from basic power protection is enormous. Are you ready for a business that runs without load shedding interrupting operations?

Where to Get an Uninterruptible Power Supply System for My Business?

Virtual Sense Power offers a wide range of UPS devices and sophisticated energy storage solutions. We protect a wide range of industries from surges and outages. Contact us today to get protect your data and electronic devices from the utility. We have a UPS for every application needed.


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