Alternative Power Solutions - Solar Panels on Roof

Discover alternative power solutions for the increasingly unstable power supply in South Africa and the exorbitant price hikes. We look at solar and other alternative energy sources in this alternative energy guide for South Africans.

What is Alternative Energy?

We refer to alternative energy as any energy not derived from fossil fuels. South Africa depends on electricity from coal. There are many other alternative options. Two of these include wind farms and solar power. Let’s investigate alternative power solutions in South Africa.

A Guide to Alternative Energy in South Africa

South Africans face an unstable power supply. South African consumers are also experiencing exorbitant price increases. With electricity prices on the increase, it is time to find alternative solutions.

Solar energy is the obvious choice when looking for renewable energy sources. Is solar the best route to take? Are you ready for energy independence from the grid?

What Alternative Energy Solutions Are Available for Consumers in South Africa? 

Professional consultants conduct energy assessments in South Africa. These professionals are well-versed in assessing which alternative power supply you need. These are one or the other, or a combination of both power sources.

Wind energy is a brilliant energy option for coastal locations. South Africans will enjoy solar energy options further inland. Or you could become 100% independent from the power grid and enjoy both wind and solar power options in a hybrid off-grid solution.

1. Solar Systems Connected to the Power Grid (Grid-Tied Systems)

A solar system that remains connected to the grid is called a grid-tied solution. It supplements municipal power wherever necessary. These systems are ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

Many consumers opt for this type of alternative energy supply, because they can ensure they meet the power requirements of their home or business even on rainy days. The average South African household uses about 4,198 kWh per annum. Grid-tied systems can generate over 3,500 kWh a month!

2. Solar & Wind Off-Grid Systems

This is one of the most popular alternative power solutions available because of the high number of sunshine hours South Africa enjoys. These systems are 100% independent of power from the municipality. Your source of energy is the sun!

Such systems are often useful in areas where there is no municipal power, such as rural areas and farms. Game lodges in remote areas also rely 100% on alternative energy options.

Off-grid systems could comprise hybrid solar and wind power systems or use only solar power. They usually have a battery bank together with a power management set-up. Together, the 3 components ensure a stable alternative power option. Speak to us today about off the grid solutions for you.

3. Water Pump Power

Farms and farmers need an efficient water supply. Without these, crops and livestock will not thrive or survive. A familiar sight throughout South Africa is the traditional windmill. We see these dotted throughout rural and farm areas.

They are, however, often not enough for moving water from one location to the next. Water solutions, besides power solutions, are often necessary when looking for alternative power solutions. Wind turbines and pumps deliver many litres of water hourly.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Renewable Energy Solutions

Are you thinking of going the alternative energy route? If you want to avoid electricity costs or just don’t want to rely on grid power anymore, solar power systems and other innovative products can provide the optimum solution. They are also great for those who want to minimise their impact on the environment and live more sustainably. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Where you live will play a vital role in what sustainable energy system you ultimately choose. Are you going 100% independent from the grid? Alternatively, are you leaning towards using a hybrid option?
  • Do your homework and finding out everything about alternative energy is a smart move to make, since energy costs and installation or maintenance costs can play a role.
  • Are you planning to install a wind turbine? Where you erect your wind turbine will depend on whether there are any obvious obstructions in the way. You may need to ensure the town council allows the installation if you are in a suburban area.
  • Installing solar systems or a wind turbine might require permission from the municipality. Ensure you have the right permission before installing wind or solar systems.

3 Benefits of Using Alternative Power Solutions

One of the most obvious benefits of getting alternative power in SA is the effect it has on the environment.

1. Enjoy Health Benefits

The reduction of emitting fossil fuels has a positive effect on the general health of all. Less coal used reduces air pollution emitted from coal-burning plants.

2. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Using fewer non-renewable energy sources is kinder to the environment. Alternative energy sources mean less coal burned. This reduces Global Warming. Solar and alternative energy are great for the environment. We are a leading supplier in alternative energy resources.

3. Save Money Long Term

Going off the grid and finding a solar solution will save you money long term. The initial investment might seem costly at first. However, your investment will soon pay dividends. Going off-grid will prove beneficial on many levels. It is cost-effective to install and run and adds value to the property you install it on.

Going the Alternative Energy Route? Virtual Sense Has the Answers!

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