Power Solutions


VSP has tailored made solutions for all industries and more.

This includes mining, IT(Computers) and office automation. The company offers state of the art technologies and services.

We specialise in the art of power protection and engineering using only the best products that the industry has to offer, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), inverters, voltage stabilizers and surge protection products are used to design solutions individual to every customers power protection needs.

VSP is uniquely positioned in South Africa where 80% of electronic malfunctions arise from power surges.

VSP is able to supply complete systems such as:

UPS ( uninterruptible power supplies ), Generators, AMF and ATS panels, Voltage stabilizers, Surge and lightning protection, Solar systems, Inverters, Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT) and Isolation transformers.

We engineer systems from design of DB board layouts to the implementation of complete installations. We specialize in large and small UPS backup systems, stand alone inverters or home standby inverters and surge protection systems. We also provide a comprehensive service back-up and batteries on all its products and services, ensuring total comprehensive solutions to power conditioning problems.

We have a large amount of information available on our webpage through our help pages, like “UPS help pages”, “how to calculate UPS runtimes” and “how to select the correct surge protection for me”.

VSP is able to give you the best advice and service, to ensure that your time spent with us is memorable insightful and as profitable to you as possible.

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