Virtual Sense Power

AEC pure sinewave and modified sinewave inverter system

VSP has the widest range of Inverter systems in south africa, and the southern african region, we have both pure and modified sinewave inverter systems, with and with out battery chargers.

We offer the pure sinewave Cotek S and SK range of inverters aswell as the state of the are super home (ST2X) range and the Studer range of inverters directly from Studer Switzerland.

We have a comprehensive range of Inverters and inverter related products to cover a wide range of uses including:

  • Camping
  • Solar systems
  • AC back-up systems
  • Mobile labratories
  • Portable test centres
  • Military installations
  • ETC.

Inverter services and repairs
We offer a state of the art service and inverter repair center, we also have a team of mobile service technicians ready to help with your every requirement.