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Tower Online Double Conversion UPS system. (10kVA - 40kVA)

Tower3300 (QP7000) Three Phase in
Three Phase out.

Tower 3300 ranges of UPS units are designed and manufactured in South Africa to meet South African conditions and provide the highest reliability possible in support of the critical types of loads it supplies.

The Tower 3300 digital controlled series of three phase double conversion Uninteruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
provide the highest reliability, stability and continuous clean power to all critical types of external load.

  • Smart touch screen interface
  • Low input harmonic distortion
  • Close to unity input power factor
  • Digital Signal Processors charging
  • DSP Controlled rectifier and inverter
  • Built in Static switch and Manual Bypass

The Tower 3300 is Power Expandable via Software for furture growth.

  • 10KVA Upgradeable to 20KVA
  • 20KVA Upgradable to 30 or 40KVA

    This means if you purchase a 20KVA then the UPS is actually a 40KVA that has been programed to be a 20KVA. Not only does this provide for furure upgrade but this also means that the UPS is extremly robust as all parts are overrated and that of a 40KVA unit.

Units are rated at 10kVA, 15kVA and 20kVA









Tower 3300 Brochure


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